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Memorial Benches

At the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society, a bench can be purchased in the memory or in the honor of a loved one, providing comfortable areas for visitors to rest and an ongoing expression of love. Benches are placed as close to the chosen location as possible.

Lawn Markers

Upright Monuments

The selection of a memorial can be a daunting and heart-trending experience, something that we at Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society can fully appreciate. Our memorial specialists understand this, and with professionalism and sensitivity, help our customers find the most fitting memorial.

Upright Slants

Custom Memorials


Choosing a peaceful, final resting place is an important decision for families who elect cremation. While the Church has recognized cremation as a suitable form of disposition, the burial or entombment of cremated remains on consecrated grounds is also favored.

Our Family Service Counselors can suggest a meaningful final resting place for families who prefer cremation -- from glass or concealed-front mausoleum niches, new columbarium memorial to ground burial of cremated remains.

In each case, the choice of a cremation urn is required. We provide a variety of selections. Many can be personalized with engraving to create a permanent memorial.

Cremation Options

Cameos, Vases, and Accessories

Burial Vaults

A burial vault protects the casket from the weight of the earth and heavy cemetery equipment.
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