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A Place Prepared for Catholics

Catholic Tradition teaches that Christians are citizens of two cities, one in heaven and one on earth. It's a reminder that we are meant to take care of one another while we are here. But it also means that when we die, and our soul goes to heaven, we go home again.

No other place on earth better exemplifies this reality than a Catholic cemetery. A Catholic cemetery, like a Catholic church, is consecrated ground. Here, the earthly community bids farewell to one of their departed and marks the starting point of that soul’s journey home.

Just as the tomb is not the end of the story for Christians, burial is only the beginning of what a Catholic cemetery is about. The dead are with Christ. A Catholic cemetery is for the living. It's a place where people gather to commit their loved ones to live eternally and honor their life and memory.

Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society has helped families prepare such a place for more than eight generations. We invite you to learn more than you thought you would ever care to know about the fascinating, sobering, and ultimately comforting topic of burial and remembrance.


Certified Funeral Celebrant

Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society is proud to have a Certified Funeral Celebrant on staff. This staff member seeks to meet the needs of our families during their time of loss. Our Certified Funeral Celebrant will serve the family by providing a personalized funeral service that reflects the personality and lifestyle of the deceased.
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Perpetual Care

The four cemeteries operated by Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society are known as “perpetual care” cemeteries. This means a portion of the income from the sale of burial plots or crypts is set aside in a trust to provide for the future expense of caring for the cemetery grounds and structures. People who purchase burial spaces at our cemeteries don't have to worry about future grave maintenance.
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