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In-Ground and Natural Burial Options

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Choices for Your Loved One

Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society offers various in-ground and natural green burial options for your loved ones. There are benefits to each type of internment choice.

Choices for in-ground interment include various options. The most common ones are single graves and lots composed of two or more graves. Additional options include shared-monument lots, family-monument lots, urn space, and veteran’s section. Regular care and maintenance of in-ground burials include cutting grass, planting and caring for trees, snow removal, and more.

Choices for natural green internments present many ways that end-of-life choices can contribute to preserving our environment. Green burial options range from preserving cremated remains in eco-friendly urns to service providers that only use natural materials, such as pine and wicker, to produce caskets. We can help you learn more about this environmentally-friendly option.

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Eco-Friendly, Green Burials

Two critical components of natural green internment are non-toxic chemicals and bio-degradable burial materials. Body preservation should not include any harmful or toxic embalming chemicals. Coffins, caskets, and shrouds should be made of biodegradable substances like bamboo, wicker, silk, or hemp.

In-Ground Internment

In-ground internment options include single graves, lots, shared-monument lots, family-monument lots, urn spaces, and veteran’s sections.

Natural Green Internment

Natural green internment options include eco-friendly urns and caskets produced with natural materials, such as pine and wicker.

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Planning for the end of your life will not only benefit you, but it will benefit your family and loved ones, too. If you want to learn more about in-ground and natural burial, you’ve come to the right place. By planning ahead, you have the opportunity to consider the many options available, as well as to make an informed decision about your funeral and cemetery arrangements.
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