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Unique Burial Options
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Loved Ones Cremated Remains

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Unique Natural Granite Stone Niches situated near a waterfall or a wooded view as you see Wild Turkeys and Deer roam the grounds.

Complete Inurnment Rite Includes:

  • Rite of Inurnment
  • Memorialization
  • Inurnment of the Cremated Remains with committal prayers at the Chapel


Cremation Services for Catholics

Cremation is gaining popularity all over the world. It can be more straightforward, less emotional, and more economical than a traditional burial. But this doesn’t mean that your grieving family won’t want to mark the occasion of a death in the family with some version of a funeral. Whatever your wishes are, the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society can help.

If your wish is to be cremated, it's essential to make pre-arranged cremation arrangements before there is a need. Doing so will help ensure that your wish is seen through and that your loved ones aren’t overwhelmed by the burden of pre-arranging your cremation. Additionally, pre-arranged cremation services help ensure that your family doesn’t choose ground burial or mausoleum entombment.

If you are a Catholic considering cremation, either as a final wish for yourself or as part of the process of carrying out a loved one's wishes, you are urged to discuss the matter with the officiating priest. To honor their memory and commune with them in prayer, it is vital that the cremated human remains be accorded the same respect and place in the cemetery as that of traditional interment.

There are several choices for interring the cremated human remains. People often choose cremation urns placed in niches in a structure known as a columbarium. Columbaria can be free-standing outdoor walls or inside Mausoleums. With respect to interment rights, cremation urns can be interred with casketed remains in crypts. Cremation urns can also be buried in-ground in urn vaults designed for that purpose.